Sedgemoor Ramblers

Safety The safety of all our walkers is important to us and everyone is requested to take reasonable care, at all times, to ensure their own safety and that of those around them.

Hazards The Walk Leader will announce any hazards on his/her walk either at the beginning or when the situation is encountered. It is important for everyone to be vigilant when crossing a busy road or a field with horses or cattle.

First Aid It is recommended that walkers carry their own first aid. A Sedgemoor Ramblers first aid kit is usually carried by an accredited basic first-aider. No type of medication or antiseptic cream is provided or offered.

ICE Occasionally, accidents happen whilst out walking. Should an emergency arise, we may need to contact someone on your behalf. By putting ICE (In Case of Emergency) before a name in your mobile 'phone contacts list, this will help us to make contact quickly. It would also be helpful to have a name with contact details easily accessible in your rucksack.

112 Whilst out walking, this is the international number used to call the emergency services and is more likely to find a signal in remote places.