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Sedgemoor Rambler, Charles Gorton, started the Voluntary Working Party 25 years ago and has now retired at the age of 81. Charles was the organiser for 5 years and has continued to be an active and dedicated member of the Team since then, joining the other Ramblers volunteers who meet once a month to clear footpaths and undertake repairs to stiles, gates etc. so that our wonderful network of paths can be maintained for all to enjoy.

Charles told Tony Fawle, Sedgemoor Ramblers’ current Organiser, that when the team was formed 25 years ago working with Somerset County Council and land owners was not easy and there seemed to be many difficulties to overcome. Walking was not the popular leisure activity that it is today. Over the years, past and present Organisers have built a good relationship with Somerset County Council Rights of Way Team and it is rewarding to see the much improved network of footpaths in our area. The future for our footpaths is looking bright.

On his last Working Party on Wednesday, 15th November, Tony Fawle, on the left of the photo, presented Charles with a special cake and was joined by fellow members of the Team, Mike Zobell and Mike Aldridge, on the right. Tracey Sutton from the Somerset County Council Rights Of Way Team presented Charles with a framed certificate recognising the excellent voluntary contribution made by Charles.

If you would like to become involved in maintaining footpaths in Sedgemoor, we can be contacted by email –sedgemoor.ramblers@gmail.com. The Footpaths Working Party meets for approximately 3-4 hours monthly.